torsdag 12 februari 2015

Linux - Glöm Docker LXC-DOCKER är bättre

What is lxc:

  The container technology is actively being pushed into the mainstream linux
  kernel. It provides the resource management through the control groups  aka
  process containers and resource isolation through the namespaces.

  The  linux  containers, lxc, aims to use these new functionalities to pro-
  vide a userspace container object which provides full  resource  isolation
  and resource control for an applications or a system.

  The first objective of this project is to make the life easier for the ker-
  nel developers involved in the containers project and  especially  to  con-
  tinue  working  on  the  Checkpoint/Restart  new features. The lxc is small
  enough to easily manage a container with simple command lines and  complete
  enough to be used for other purposes.

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