onsdag 17 oktober 2012

An open personal cloud server

ownCloud is an open source cloud server which runs on your personal server.

ownCloud enables you to access your data from all of your devices, makes sharing data with other people possible, supports automatic backups, versioning and encryption.
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What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added a check if the .htaccess file is working and the data directory is protected or not.
· Added a check if a user is allowed to edit a bookmark or not.
· Fix the bookmarklet
· Fix the timezone in the datepicker
· Fix mimetype detection for cdr files
· Fix the filecache for the /Shared folder
· Fix a potential data corruption bug in the encryption app
· Don´t show other users filenames during filesystem cache rebuild
· Fix several XSS bugs
· Performance improvements for WebDAV and Desktop Syncing
· Fix quota calculation
· Improve the LDAP integration and group management
· Fix problems with the pdf viewer
· Fix user account migration
· Implement several CSRF security checks
· Fix a gallery bug where first picture is repeated in the last picture.
· Lot´s of calendar fixes
· Fix problem with “/” in filenames
· Updated translations
· Several fixes in Contacts
· Lot´s of fixes in the Tasks App
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