måndag 13 april 2015

Linux - Debian - HOWTO: ISO creation from terminal

I was looking for this (for a BASH script I wanted to write), and I found out how to do it. Now I want to share it

1. Create ISO-file from folder
mkisofs -r -o /isofile.iso /folder
where /isofile.iso is the relative or absolute path to the iso-file you want to create and /folder the absolute or relative path to the folder you want to backup.

2. Create ISO-file from file(s)
mkisofs -r -o /isofile.iso /mybigfile
or if you want to backup multipi files (like you .mp3 collection):
mkisofs -r -o /isofile.iso *.mp3
3. Create ISO-file from a cd/dvd-drive
dd if=/dev/cdrom0 of=isofile.iso

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