söndag 12 april 2015

linux - debian - clif: record CLI as gif (do a clif offline install)

We explored several tools to record terminal and share them. Most of those use tools like ttyrec or script or follow the same principles. clif is a fresh tool that records console sessions as optimized gif files. It uses web technologies like JS to do the job. clif depends on child_pty, term.js omggif and phantomjs. child_pty is used to spawn a pseudo terminal which is captured. The captured frames are sent to phantomjs headless browser to render using term.js and screenshot. The gif is created using omggif. Features Small GIFs High quality (anti-aliased fonts) Rendered with CSS/JS, customizable Real-time parallel rendering Frame aggregation and customizable FPS Support for titles Terminal.app-style Supports Linux and OSX Installation To install clif, run: sudo npm install -g clif #--Now we trying to make clif to offline install--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have to first install npmbox module globally, This module creates an Offline package with all depedencies of given module. Then you could use npmunbox command to install that package to your offline machine. To install npmbox: npm install -g npmbox To create offline package of a module: npmbox -v localtunnel, It will generate a localtunnel.npmbox file to current directory. Copy that you your offline machine. To install offline package: npmunbox localtunnel.npmbox For more info: https://github.com/arei/npmbox
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