lördag 18 april 2015

Linux - Debian - Firefox search addon backup ... maybe share that u think?

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firefox has a plugin that makes it possible to visit a website and save the search function to the bar... and it don't sync....
but if we backup and hare..

somthing like this...
or am I completely out biking as we say here in Sweden

  our Profil Name Is diffrent
 but let's say that you are normal user and not root..
 if you have a copy of the search folder in your home folder
 cp -r /$home/searchplugin /$home/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/
 Now it should work.. have not had time to try out quite yet...
 installing some packages on jessie / sid / testing..
 and reinstall linux mostly source code..
 and porting som apps.....
most setup a chroot ..

If you are logged in as root you will end up in the root home folder and
root does not start x and problems with ssh terminal can not display disay0:1 or somthing...

obviously it is a small thing to write a small bash program..

if you have something to add

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