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There’s an easier way! Installing Gambas 3 on Ubuntu 12.10 (quantal quetzal)

Installing Gambas 3 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)

Sheldon Sobel has pointed out in a comment that the routine in “There’s an easier way!” does not work with Ubuntu 12.04. I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 Beta2 and muddled through the following to install Gambas3:
1. Click on ‘Dash Home’  (the top button on the menu bar/dock thingy on the left hand side). Type (yes, that’s right: from the keyboard!) ‘terminal’ without apostrophes and enter to display the terminal option. Click on terminal and the terminal window opens.

2. At the command line (which will look something like: Fred@homeComputer:~$) type: ‘sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nemh/gambas3’ and enter. Enter your root password and enter again to continue. You will have to enter the root password each time sudo is invoked below.
3. Type ‘sudo apt-get update’ and enter.
4. Type ‘sudo apt-get dist-upgrade’ and enter. This may report that nothing needs to be done. It depends on the history of your installation. In any event it can do no harm.
5. Type ‘sudo apt-get install gambas3’ and enter. This will take a little time and produce lots of verbiage on the screen.
6. Type ‘gambas3’ and enter. There may be a QT4 warning about being unable to load a translation. This definitely occurs from the UK using en_GB.UTF-8 but I don’t know what happens from elsewhere. Don’t worry (be happy). Gambas 3 should then load.
So there we are: something that could be done from the gui on earlier versions of Ubuntu now has to be done from the command line. I believe it is called progress.
Disappearing off on one of my notorious parabolic tangents (yes, yes I know you can’t do that but it sets my mind at rest that I will at some stage return. I am of an age where I worry about these things!), I do marvel at the polish of each new Ubuntu distribution. Ubuntu 12.04 is not for me but I do respect where Canonical is going and why they feel they have to go in this direction. The argument which persistently re-appears that Canonical ‘make little contribution to the Linux kernel’ and by inference make little contribution to Linux is just so much nonsense. Linux has not broken through on the desktop and I doubt now that it ever will. On the other hand, I shudder to think where Linux would be now without the sheer professionalism and attention to detail displayed by each successive Ubuntu release. The distributions I choose to use are derivatives of Ubuntu which in turn is a derivative of Debian. I could never get Debian to work FOR ME so that must be some kind of progress.

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  1. julien Says:
    Débutant sur Ubuntu 12.04 lts.
    A Perpignan, ton tutoriel marche sans problème. Merci.
    Everything done as you says. Good Job.
    Julien :)
  2. Quin Says:
    just to confirm in Oz you get the same qt language error:
    gb.qt4: warning: unable to load Qt translation: en_AU.UTF-8
    • charlesg628 Says:
      When I reported this on the Gambas mailing list, I was reminded that it is a warning and not an error. I gather it is a QT problem and not a Gambas problem but to be honest don’t understand it myself.
  3. Justin Says:
    Thanks for the helpful guide to installing gambas3. Worked great!
  4. Wayne C. Workman Says:
    I have been a VB programmer for many years but I have now retired and wish to pursue my true passion – astrophysics research – modelling star clusters etc. I tried VB with Windows XP Pro but there are too many background processes that slow down my code to a crawl. I am having a new computer built on which I will install Ubantu Linux. My intention is to switch from VB to Gambas, I have read that Ubantu comes with Gambas as part of its package, But I cant seem to comfirm what I read. Is this true? And is it the latest version of Gambas?
    • charlesg628 Says:
      Gambas 2 is in the Debian (and therefore Ubuntu) repository but not Gambas 3. I believe Gambas 3 has been submitted for inclusion but it does seem to be taking a long time.
  5. Cybrarian Says:
    I installed Gambas on several Linuxes, and allways come back to openSuse, where it can be installed via Yast. Though I was surprised of the good support on Fedora, also used it once on Ubuntu. In general I like best Gambas on KDE. I use it for years and untill now could still avoid the vendor-lock-in choice. I like very much the combination with other web-based applications in the company: you can make nice Gambas dashboards with data out of their MySQL storage. I blog in Dutch about Gambas since 2007, recently moved to gambas.copyleft.be.
  6. pannathorn Says:
  7. Paolo Says:
    I just upgraded to 12.04 and I used your “valuable” information to jump-start Gambas.
  8. denis Says:
    Grascias por la info ..me salvaste ..

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