söndag 4 november 2012

Gmediafinder - a better alternative for Minitube

Perhaps most Linux users have heard about Minitube, an application to search and download videos from Youtube. The  biggest difference between watching youtube videos with Minitube and browsing Youtube with a web-browser is that you dont need Flash Player at all, therefore it will load the videos faster. That's why many people prefer using Minitube to watch youtube video because it's faster than browsing Youtube using a web browser and Minitube also offers the ability to download the videos to save it to your hard disk.

Gmediafinder is really similar to Minitube. It helps you watching youtube videos without the need of the Flash Player. Using Gmediafinder, you can search for videos by entering some words in the search box and a list of relevant videos will appear for you to choose. And you can make a playlist of multiple videos to watch them respectively at once by creating a playlist then adding videos to it.

Gmediafinder better alternative for minitube

Just like Minitube, you can download Youtube videos using Gmediafinder. By default, Gmediafinder disables the downloading feature. To enable it you need to click on the tool icon at the top right and you will the the option to enable the downloading feature like the image below. You also have other options to display preview images, system tray ...

alternative for minitube

Until now, you can see that Gmediafinder has all the features of Minitube and you may ask why I think Gmediafinder is better than Minitube. The real advantage that Gmediafinder has over Minitube is that, Gmediafinder supports not only videos from Youtube but also from many other interesting sources. If you are wondering how interesting these sources are, just see the list of available video sources in the image below. And if you are an internet veteran, you must definitely know how interesting these sources are. With these video sources, I can bet with confidence that your entertainment will see no limit. And of course, you can always use the features to make a playlist, to download videos ... for videos from these awesome sources.


Since Gmediafinder isnt in the official repository of the popular distros, installing it will require some extra steps. To install Gmediafinder in Arch Linux, here is the AUR package of Gmediafinder. If you are using Ubuntu or Linux Mint, run the following commands to install Gmediafinder:
 sudo apt-add-repository ppa:s-lagui/ppa  
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gmediafinder
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