onsdag 25 mars 2015

linux - package fresh-install

Package: fresh-install
Version: 6.0~6
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Rafael Senties Martinelli <rsm@imap.cc>
Depends: gksu, aptitude, python2.7, python-psutil, python-numpy, python-vte, exo-utils, apt, gir1.2-vte-2.90, libgtk-3-0
Installed-Size: 463
Section: utils
Priority: optional
Homepage: rsm.imap.cc/software/fresh-install.html
Description: Create a custom backup of the system and be able to make an easy set up in other computers.
 This program has been created to make a good system configuration backup and to be able to set it in a new system fast and easy. It is very useful for a computers  fresh  install, because with it you can select all the software, files  and  folders  that  you would like to install and replace them in a fresh install by just pushing a button.
 It is more  effective  than making a copy of the whole system and replacing it. Replacing the whole system doesn't work good if you change your computer. It may also bring bugs, and undesired files to the new system.
 With this program you have full control of your backup.

4shared download link

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