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App Runner linux

App Runner

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Run files with (literally) two clicks!
App Runner is a small open source utility that makes it very easy to run any type of program/executable/script on any GNOME distro/OS: Debian/Ubuntu/Super OS/etc





  • No need to mark the file as "executable" before running it
  • Run any executable/script that the host OS supports: ELF, BASH, Python, Perl... (.bin .sh .run .py, etc...)
  • Can run any program as a normal user, or as the root user (see images)
  • Works both with GUI (graphical) programs and CLI (command line) programs
  • Automatically expires the root session (on systems with sudo) before running any program (to increase security)
  • Automatically removes the "executable flag" after running the file (if App Runner added it)



App Runner has 3 modes:
  • run any App - as normal user: Always use this mode first before trying others
  • run CLI App - as root: use this mode to run command line (terminal) programs as root/admin (also works with all GUI apps, but doing that can cause problems on rare cases - so it is better to use the command bellow to run GUI apps) - this uses "sudo"
  • run GUI App - as root: use this mode to run GUI/graphical programs as root/admin - this uses "gksu"


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